Syazani Suhaifi started his adventures in AR + VR in 2009. He realizes that AR + VR should be an enabler not the gimmick. He believes that AR+VR should be beautiful, useful and simple. Since then he has been building AR + VR experiences for 10 years. Fast forward to 2019, this website is born for him to share with the world, what he knows about what he cares about so much – AR and VR

Started when he picked up programming books by his uncle in primary school, Syaz seriously started programming when he was 11 years old. Creating simple games and programs. His formal training started when he joined Multimedia University (MMU) in 2005 for Foundation in Creative Multimedia. He then furthered his study in Bachelor of Multimedia (Virtual Reality) in 2006. He then started to learn and increase his knowledge adventure by doing a Masters in IT in 2010 under a very experienced Augmented Reality research supervisor in FIT MMU.

He started joining the industry by creating a few Augmented Reality for Ministry of Education Malaysia, solving the problems students have imagining Perspective Drawings. Since then he has been through ups, downs, cuts and bruises, gratefulness and regrets that makes him who he is now.