Building a test build of our project on Android


To follow this tutorial, you need to complete the previous tutorial on building our application on PC

Switch the Build Settings to Android

Go to File and select Build Settings

The Build Settings window appears, under Platform, select Android and click Switch Platform

Unity will start to switch the application to Android format

Once the switch is completed, under Platform the Unity icon will now appear at the Android instead of the PC

Customizing the Android player settings

Press Player Settings

Player Settings window will appear. Change Company Name, and Product Name to your own name

Check that App Orientation is Potrait

Press Resoultion and Presentation to expand its settings

Under Resolution and Presentation, make sure the Default Orientation is Potrait

Adjusting Other Settings

Press Other Settings to expand its settings

It will expand into a looong settings to something like this

Changing our Package Name

In the Package Name slot, change the Package Name to the format of com.yourcompanyname.product. For an example I used com.mycompanyyeah.test1.

Important Note! Pay Attention yeah:

  1. Your Company Name and Package Name, should be the same as previously entered at the Company Name and Package Name slot
  2. No spaces are allowed!

Set Scripting Backend to IL2CPP

Make sure the Scripting Backend is IL2CPP

Set Target Architecture

Check ARMv7 and ARM64. ARM64 is compulsory as now Play Store will only accept app that support ARM64. ARMv7 is selected so that we can support older devices.

Press Build Button to Build our apk

Select where to save the .apk

A window appears, lets put our apk to the desktop

The APK will start building

Our test APK will appear. Copy it to your Android Phone and install it

Don’t know how to install an APK? Click this link and read the tutorial here

Testing our AR on Android

Run our installed Test App and scan our Image Target. It should work now. Yeah!

Deploying our AR to PC – XZIMG Augmented Vision

Now that we have completed our first AR simple project as per our previous tutorial, lets try to deploy our XZIMG Augmented Vision project to PC

Accessing the Build Settings

Go to File, select Build Settings

You will see something like this

Add Current Scene to our Build

Click Add Open Scene to add our current scene to our build

Our scene has now been added to our build. It will be listed in Scenes In Build

Building the Application

Press the Build button

A window appears asking where you want to store the built application. You can store it wherever you feel is convenient. I usually create a folder called Output inside my project folder, once you selected your own folder, press Select Folder

The Application will start building

The completed Application will be stored at our selected folder

Testing the application

When you run the Application, this window will appear. I recommend to check the Windowed option, so that it is easier to move the AR app around when its running, otherwise it will run fullscreen. Its just a preference though

There it is, our application is playing happily from our PC