Deploying our AR to PC – XZIMG Augmented Vision

Now that we have completed our first AR simple project as per our previous tutorial, lets try to deploy our XZIMG Augmented Vision project to PC

Accessing the Build Settings

Go to File, select Build Settings

You will see something like this

Add Current Scene to our Build

Click Add Open Scene to add our current scene to our build

Our scene has now been added to our build. It will be listed in Scenes In Build

Building the Application

Press the Build button

A window appears asking where you want to store the built application. You can store it wherever you feel is convenient. I usually create a folder called Output inside my project folder, once you selected your own folder, press Select Folder

The Application will start building

The completed Application will be stored at our selected folder

Testing the application

When you run the Application, this window will appear. I recommend to check the Windowed option, so that it is easier to move the AR app around when its running, otherwise it will run fullscreen. Its just a preference though

There it is, our application is playing happily from our PC

Where to purchase assets for AR and VR

In order to build Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality you will need resources. Usually, the best way to have an asset is to create one. But for some projects, a shortcut won’t hurt. Why build if you can buy the assets? Here are the main places that I shop around for my projects.

Unity Assets Store – The All In One Go To Marketplace

Since I use Vuforia + Unity combination a lot. This is where i go to shop for my assets. From low poly 3D models, to textures, designs, UI and other features. The best part is, if you buy it from here it will almost most of the time work for Unity, since it is developed for Unity.

Low-poly 3D Models

3D models are the core of our experiences most of the time. When I look for 3D models, I will habitually look for low-poly 3d models. These are the best because highly detailed, high poly models will be very heavy for our 3d engines to handle.

CGTrader Low Poly

CGTrader is my main source of low-poly 3d models outside of the Unity Assets Store. They provide various assets, animated and non-animated for you to use and they also provide conversion services if the asset is not available in your preferred format. Very helpful indeed. Some of them will require further processing, others are ready to import into our tools like Unity

Music, Sound Effects and Ambience


You can find all sorts of sounds from the marketplace at AudioJungle. It comes with flexible licensing for different commercial applications.

Ready Made Codes and Templates

Yep you read that right sometimes its easier to have something to start with and just edit out some minor details instead. For this purpose, you need ready made codes and templates.


CodeCanyon has the templates and pre-made codes for you. Whether you need one to see how things work for reverse engineering or to make your work go faster try checking out this site to see if there are codes that you can purchase and use. Saves a lot of time.