Client: GSES Support Sdn Bhd

Credits/Copyright: GSES Support Sdn Bhd. All Rights Reserved


Client requires a flexible, customizable simulator creation product that could be tailor-made according to their customers. It has to have:

  1. Realistic Controllers using real switches
  2. Interchangable vehicles, land, sea or air
  3. Scalable simulator operations output, from 180 degrees to 360 degrees simulation
  4. Weather systems
  5. Flexible evaluation systems capable of creating custom evaluations based on customer request
  6. Motion-base integration
  7. Robust, easily upgradable

Our Solution:

Using Unity technology, Industrial Controllers, Networking, and a Custom Cluster Rendering technique, we design, and developed a proprietary multi-purpose vehicle simulator software for GSES Support Sdn Bhd. Instead of creating only the simulator, we developed an end-to-end simulation development solution for the client.

Key Highlights

  1. Custom-built direct-integration of switches to Unity via TCP/IP
  2. Custom toolchain
  3. Hot-swappable content systems for the simulator, allowing simulator update without reinstall or restart. Updated content works immediately after hot-swap
  4. Simulator development toolchain
  5. Drag and drop integration SDK for multiple components including interfaces
  6. MP4 Recording
  7. Evaluation Builder
  8. Dynamic Weather systems
  9. Event-driven, highly optimized simulation
  10. Modular Architecture, can be disassembled and re-assembled as a new simulator with minimal to no problems
  11. Simulator Resources Management System (SRMS)

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