AR Services

AR enhances our understanding of a certain topic by putting what is in your mind on top of reality.

The power of Mixed Reality allows you to add a layer of information on top of virtually anything. It allows you to make exhibits interactive, let people take selfies with famous people and explain difficult concepts. Syazmedia Resources is ready to assist you in creating your own experience

AR Development Consultant

Why make the same mistakes that other people make? Use my 10 years experience in development to Accelerate, Optimize and Avoid Common Pitfalls in AR development. Want to build an AR but don’t know how, where and what to use? Sometimes, what your team needs is a guide to take them “through the woods” of development. I can help with that.

AR Application Development

Have an idea to create an AR but not the resources and capabilities to do it? You are in good hands! I will happily develop the AR application for you. Me and my team of developers will happily take your app idea from the ideation stage, to planning. development, and deployment to your user.

I develop AR apps for Desktop, Mac, Android, iOS, and Web (via HTML5). I am also skilled in Systems Integration. Want a unique AR that changes according to the weather in Chicago? That is possible too!

AR Development Training

Sometimes it is more efficient to develop something in-house, but your team has no knowledge on how to do it. Let me train and share my knowledge and specialities to get them up to speed. I provide AR development training from the most basic, up to advanced AR that requires multiple API intergration. Learn what matters, and get in shape as an AR developer, in the most optimized way.

Syaz is knowledgeable, reliable and fast.

Terrence Tan

Let’s make something beautiful together.