Vuforia Basics + Creating a multiple image target Android AR 1/2


  1. A Vuforia Developer account. Register here
  2. A few images. You can download some from
  3. Unity with Mobile Development and Vuforia installed. Here’s how to install it

Adding Image Targets to Vuforia Developer Portal

Login to Vuforia Developer Portal

Create a development key for your app

You only need one development key for one app. Regardless how many markers you will use inside the app.

Click Get Development Key

Type in the name of your app, agree with the terms and condition, and press Confirm

Done on this part. Our newly created Development License Key will appear in the License Manager

Create a target database

First, you need to create a target database to store all your Image Targets

Click on Target Manager

The Target Manager appears, click Add Database

A create database window appears. Type in your database name, and make sure the type selected is Device. Click Create.

Our database now appears inside target manager. We are done creating the database.

Accessing the Database

Click on the database name to access it

_______________ Repeat for each image target from here ______________________

Add Image Target to the Database

Our database’s window appears. Click Add Target

Add Target Window appears.

Make sure the Target Type is Single Image

Click Browse, select your image and click Open

Type in 1 as the Width

Press Add

Your Image Target will now appear in the Database.

Now, repeat these steps to Add Image Target to the Database. I have put in a note from where to start repeating the steps till the end.

_______________ Repeat for each image target till here __________________

Once done adding all your images, your database will look something like this.

Downloading the image database

Click Download Database

Download Database window appears. Select Unity Editor and click Download

Wait a while for the database to compile

Once the download is done you will get a .unitypackage file like this

This is the end of Part 1. In Part 2, we will start to setup Unity and Vuforia. See you in the next tutorial.

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